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Rules for the 2020 NOSO Cup

NOSO Cup 2020
(December 17, 2019 updated)

NOSO Cup 2020
June 26-28, 2020

• Tournament Headquarters is located at:
Barton/Bradley Soccer Fields
30651 Bradley Road
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070.
• The tournament director is Matt Shields
• The Disciplinary Chair is Tammi Graf

1. All teams and players must be registered with their local, state or national association
2. Each team must be registered as a club, interclub or intra-club team that plays together
as a unit
3. Each player must have a Player Pass or I.D. Card that clearly displays his/her name,
date of birth and a recent photograph. Exceptions will be made for teams not yet issued
player cards and providing copies of birth certificates.
4. The maximum roster size:
• U8 - U10 is 14
• U11 - U14 is 16
5. Guest players:
• U8 - U10 are allowed 3 guest players
• U11 - U14 are allowed 4 guest players
• Guest players must meet all other player requirements and be members of the
USSF affiliation to which the team they are playing on, is a member ( ex.
USYSA teams may only use USYSA rostered guest players; US Club teams
may only use US Club rostered guest players.)
6. Players may not play on more than one team in an age group and scheduling will not
be customized to accommodate players registered on more than one team
7. Age Groups Accepted:
• U8 born in 2012
• U9 born in 2011
• U10 born in 2010
• U11 born in 2009
• U12 born in 2008
• U13 born in 2007
• U14 born in 2006

• The registration will be from 5:00 until 8:00 pm on Friday, June26th, 2020.
Barton/Bradley Soccer Fields
30651 Bradley Road
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070
• All team must present required documentation:
o team roster
o player passes or ID
o travel permission form if your association requires it
o tournament waiver
o player medical waivers
o Coaches concussion certification - All coaches must complete the requirements for
o concussion safety training as mandated by the state of Ohio. Proof of concussion
o and risk management must be provided by all coaches.
• Credential checks will also take place at the field during the tournament by a Field Marshall.
Teams must be able to present a tournament approved roster and player passes for each
player. If a roster or player pass/ID is not available, disqualification of the player and/or
team may result

• Separate male and female teams in each age group are eligible to participate. Coed teams
must participate in the Boys division
• We will offer 1 division
o Trophy– Travel and community-based recreation teams (U8-U14)
o Cup– Upper Travel and premier Club teams (U8-U14)
• NOTE: The tournament committee reserves the right to adjust tournament classifications
and age brackets should the number of teams participating warrant such a decision
• No games will be scheduled for a team until all fees are paid

• The tournament will be played under the laws of FIFA unless stated otherwise
• U8 through U10 games will be 7v7, 2-25 minute halves
• U11 through U14 games will be 9v9, 2-30 minute halves
• 5-minute half time
• The game clock will not be stopped because of injury unless, at the discretion of the referee,
medical personnel must remove the injured player from the field. Due to the time allowed for
the completion of all games, not more than 10 minutes will be added to the clock
• Coaches and players will be required to stand on the same side of the field during
competition and spectators will be on the opposite side
• We will institute the “no intentional heading rule” for age groups U11 and younger
• Ohio House Bill 143, concussion training, player removal and return to play rule will be in

• The tournament will provide game balls
o U8 through U12 will use size 4 balls
o U13 through U14 will use size 5 balls
• Shin guards are required of all players and must be covered by socks (no exceptions)
• Hard and soft casts may be permitted if sufficiently padded as determined by the referee
• All teams required to have two sets of numbered uniforms. If the referee determines there is
a conflict, the home team will be required to change
• No metal cleats or other equipment which is dangerous to oneself or another player
• All equipment will be subject to approval of referee

• Substitutions will be allowed with permission of the referee:
o after a goal by either team
o at half time
o at the referee’s discretion after an injury (1 for 1)
o after warning by referee if it is player that was warned
o prior to a throw-in, in your favor
o prior to a goal kick
• Unlimited Substitution will be used for all games

• A forfeit will be recorded for any match where a team, within 5 minutes of the scheduled
match time, in the:
o U8 through U10 age cannot field a team of five players
o U11 and U12 age groups cannot field a team of seven players
• Three points will be awarded to the opponent and the score will be recorded as 4-0

• If for any reason a player or coach is ejected from any game for receiving one red card or
two yellow cards, that player or coach will lose his/her eligibility to further participate in that
• In addition, they will lose the right to participate in the next game and could be suspended
for the remainder of the tournament, depending on the severity of the offense
• There will be no penalty for yellow card accumulation during preliminary rounds
• The Disciplinary Committee’s decision is final

• Standings will be determined by points
o Three points will be awarded for each victory
o One point for each tie
• Games that are tied at the end of regulation time will be recorded as a tie
• Top two teams in each age group classification/bracket will advance to championship round

• If after the conclusion of the group matches, the point system has not been decisive, the
following order of tie breaker criteria will apply for bracketing
If 2 (two) teams are tied:
1. Results of the match between teams with equal points will apply (this is also
called head to head competition)
2. Highest total goal differential. A maximum differential of 4 goals per game will
3. Least goals allowed
4. Most goals scored. A maximum differential of 4 goals per game will apply
5. FIFA penalty kicks or coin toss as determined by tournament directors
If 3 (three) or more teams are tied:
1. The win/loss record of each team against (only) the other teams that have tied will
be compared (the team with a better win/loss record will advance)
2. Highest total goal differential (counting only games against the other tied teams).
A maximum differential of 4 goals per game will apply
3. Least goals allowed (counting only games against the other tied teams)
4. Most goals scored (counting only games against the other tied teams). A
maximum differential of 4 goals per game will apply
5. Most goals scored (counting games against all teams in a bracket). A maximum
differential of 4 goals per game will apply
6. FIFA penalty kicks or coin toss as determined by tournament directors
• Semi-Final and Final games will continue with two 5 minute overtime periods that will be
played to conclusion. If no winner emerges from the overtime periods, FIFA penalty kicks
will be taken until a winner is determined.

• The tournament committee will use advanced lightning and storm detection equipment at the
Barton/Bradley headquarters to aid the officials in deciding whether to suspend play.
• If the decision is made to suspend play, games will be halted at all tournament sites
o If more than ½ the game has been completed, it will be considered an official game
o If less than ½ the game has been complete, it will be recorded as a 1-1 tie, even if it
never formally started
o Every effort will be made to play championship games to conclusion
• The tournament directors reserve the right to make whatever adjustments may be necessary
in game length to proceed with the tournament schedule following any delays due to weather
• At the tournament director’s discretion, based on temperature conditions, a mandatory 2
minute water break may be instituted approximately half way through each half as decided
by referees.

• U8-U12 teams will receive team award for the winner and individual awards for the winners
and finalists

• There will be no protests of referee decisions. All decisions of the referee are final and

• If the tournament is canceled a full refund will be granted to the teams that have applied and
been accepted.
• No refunds after registration deadline
• No refund will be made in the event of cancellation or shortening of any matches due to
inclement weather or other conditions beyond the control of the tournament directors
• Fees are non-refundable after the tournament has begun

• The Tournament Committee and North Olmsted Soccer Organization will not be responsible
for any expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled in whole or part.
• The Tournament Disciplinary Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters
pertaining to the tournament and its judgment is final
• Serious misconduct of coaches, parents or anyone associ


Tammi Graf, Tournament Director
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